The artificial intelligence war has Wall Street in a frenzy over Google, Microsoft, and anything related to bots

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In case you missed it, last week Microsoft held an event that had the buzz of a Steve Jobs iPhone launch.

At the company’s headquarters just outside Seattle, journalists packed a room as Chief Executive Satya Nadella presented a revamped version of Bing — the search engine that’s long been the butt of jokes and always fallen short when compared to long-time leader Google.

But moving forward, Bing will be powered by technology from ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

“It’s a new day in Search,” Nadella said. “Rapid innovation is going to come. In fact, a race starts today.”

For the inside story on how Microsoft caught up with Google in the AI race — and the unlikely exec who made it happen — I recommend my colleague Ashley Stewart’s excellent reporting.

As for today’s newsletter, let’s see how Wall Street’s gearing up for what might just be the next frontier of the investing landscape.

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Google Bard VS OpenAI ChatGPT displayed on Mobile with Openai and Google logo on screen seen in this photo illustration. On 7 February 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.Google Bard VS OpenAI ChatGPT displayed on Mobile with Openai and Google logo on screen seen in this photo illustration. On 7 February 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

Google Bard VS OpenAI ChatGPT displayed on Mobile with Openai and Google logo on screen seen in this photo illustration. On 7 February 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.

Google Bard VS OpenAI ChatGPT displayed on Mobile with Openai and Google logo on screen seen in this photo illustration. On 7 February 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto/Getty Images

1. In this two-horse race, Google certainly didn’t do itself any favors in bumbling its own AI demo last week. Shares of Alphabet plunged after onlookers pointed out that chatbot Bard made a mistake in its debut.

That said, and with Microsoft appearing to take an early lead, Bank of America strategists still cautioned not to count out Google just yet.

“We think Google’s big reveal is still to come, which we would expect in weeks and not months,” they wrote in a Thursday note to clients.

But for now, OpenAI’s ChatGPT — buoyed by a $10 billion investment from Microsoft — remains remarkably popular among consumers.

It’s accrued 1 billion web hits since launching in November, and BofA said its integration with Bing presents uncertainties for Google.

Microsoft may be able to siphon off some of Google’s market share in search engine use, but in BofA’s view, Alphabet will be hard to dethrone given its underlying, proven strength.

“Google has been preparing for AI for years, despite disappointment on Paris press event, we think Google likely has superior AI technology for search, or at least better data to drive better results,” strategists wrote, adding that Google’s AI product visibility is poised to increase significantly in the next three months.

Deepwater Asset Management’s Gene Munster echoed that sentiment, calling Alphabet’s stock drop last week an overreaction.

“To make a decision that Google has been behind the curve based on a demo, I think, is a little bit premature,” Munster told CNBC after the presentation aired.

(It’s worth noting that OpenAI founder Sam Altman recently called Google a “lethargic search monopoly.”)

Meanwhile, Chinese companies Baidu and Alibaba saw their stocks rally after announcing they’re each working on answers to ChatGPT. But the battle will ultimately come down to Microsoft and Google, according to venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

Khosla was the first VC investor in OpenAI, and on Wednesday he called AI “the most critical technology for the planet in the next 20 years.”

Generative AI technology behind ChatGPT and similar tools will recast search engines into “answer engines,” he explained, and the two tech giants bring different attributes to the race.

“OpenAI needed the large resources Microsoft had, so it’s been a great partnership,” Khosla said. “They are a fast, nimble organization [and] that’s their advantage. Google has a lot of research talent and they have a lot of good technology also, and I’ve no doubt they’ll get it right.”

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