Economist Predicts Year He Thinks The U.S. Stock Market Will Completely Collapse

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Not this year, or next… but the end is coming.


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Like to use stocks as an investment tool? Well you’ve got about 25 years until it all comes crashing down, according to a new research report.

Klaus Grosby, a Finnish economics professor and researcher from the University of Vaasa, sounded the alarm in a recent paper called “Armageddon of Financial Markets: Is the U.S. equity market eventually going to collapse?”

In the paper, Grosby says that U.S. stock growth is unsustainable and is destined to crash by 2050. 

“A well-established fact, documented in the physics literature, is that faster-than-exponential growth is not sustainable in the long-term and will eventually result in what physicists typically term a “finite-time singularity,” Grosby says in the study. 

Using predictive models, Grosby says there is a “95% confidence interval” for the devastating market crash to occur sometime between December 2043 and December 2050.

Modeling Armageddon 

To come to this conclusion, Grosby analyzed monthly S&P 500 data between January 1871 and November 2022. He also added in daily data from the S&P between January 2, 1980 and December 31, 1986 as well as daily data from the Dow Jones period between June 1, 1921 and December 31, 1928. 

He then used a “simple power-law model” for financial log prices and calculated away. 

Beep, bop, boop … his equations led him to the finite-time singularity of total implosion by 2050 at the latest, with different models showing “virtually indistinguishable” results despite using different data, different samples, and different estimation approaches. 

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